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    Incorrect appraised (market) value.Value is unequal compared with other properties.Property is not being taxed in the correct taxing entity jurisdiction.Property is not located in this appraisal district or otherwise should not be included on the appraisal district's record.Failure to send required notice.Exemption was denied, modified or canceled.Temporary disaster damage exemption was denied or modified.Ag-use, open-space or other special appraisal was denied, modified or canceled.Change in use of land appraised as ag-use, open-space or timber land.Incorrect appraised or market value of land under special appraisal for ag-use, open-space or other special appraisal.Owner's name is incorrect.Property description is incorrect.Incorrect damage assessment rating for a property qualified for a temporary disaster exemption.Other

    By telephone conference call and will submit evidence with a written affidavit delivered to the ARB before the hearing beginsOn written affidavit submitted with evidence and delivered to the ARB before the hearing beginsIn person

    YesNo **If your protest goes to a hearing, you will automatically receive a copy of the ARB's hearing procedures.

    Certified mail and agree to pay the cost (if applicable)Regular first-class mail (no charge)Email to the electronic address I provided in this protest